In the beating heart of old Bari, among its alleys steeped in history and the picturesque market, 10 Decimi Store gave life to an unforgettable photo shoot. An ode to tradition and fashion was woven through the lively streets, creating a unique and warm atmosphere.

The picturesque scenery of the old city provided the perfect backdrop, with merchants preparing orecchiette in full view, greengrocers proudly displaying their products and butchers exuding the irresistible scent of passionately cooked sauce. The result? A total immersion in the daily life of Bari, among bright colors and deep-rooted traditions.

The 10 Decimi team demonstrated impeccable mastery in organization, taking care of every detail with meticulousness. From the setting of the shots to the carefully selected clothing items, each element contributed to telling a story of style and authenticity.

Among the narrowest corners and picturesque arches, the shooting captured not only the fashion proposed by 10 Decimi, but also the living soul of Bari. The inhabitants and visitors merged into a single symphony of welcome, transforming the day working in an unforgettable experience.

The story of this fascinating combination of tradition and fashion, highlighting not only the technical ability of the 10 Decimi staff , but also the cultural richness of old Bari. A visual and narrative journey that celebrates the authentic beauty of a timeless city.

The brands used in this shooting are:


White Sand

Philippe Model


Saint Barth


Kjore Project




Roy Rogers

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