The experience of the photo shoot for 10 Decimi Store was a perfect combination of professionalism and creativity , a visual journey through the autumnal beauty of Alta Murgia.

The photographic set took place in two suggestive locations: the Altamura Polo and the picturesque countryside of the Di Cecca family , a dairy company that kindly allowed us to use their enchanting spaces. These locations provided the perfect backdrop to capture authentic and fascinating images.

Collaboration with the models and the team was key to obtaining high-quality shots. These images will help to successfully promote your store through social media and online communication, highlighting your unique offering.

Immersed in an atmosphere shrouded in a veil of clouds, the 10 Decimi staff spent an intense day of work, taking breathtaking photographs in the evocative setting of Pulo di Altamura. Three models, two complete outfits each, and an incredible outdoor location kicked off a series of shots that captured the authenticity of the Apulian countryside.

Our visual journey continued to evolve, taking us to the Di Cecca family's countryside, an oasis of serenity populated by horses and other farm animals. The large space offered by Cecca's home allowed the team to create different photographic sets, challenging their creativity. In total, around 15 outfits were immortalized, each telling an autumnal story amidst the warm colors of the countryside.

The cloudy day turned out to be a blessing, giving a unique atmosphere to the images captured. Clouds painted the sky, providing a diffused light that accentuated the natural beauty of the models and dresses.

But it wasn't just work: the Di Cecca family welcomed the team generously, offering a tasting of their cheeses, accompanied by a fine glass of wine. The experience became more than a photo shoot; it was an immersion in a family atmosphere, making the day unique and unforgettable.

In conclusion, the behind the scenes of this photo shoot told not only the professionalism of 10 Decimi, but also the beauty of Puglia, its countryside, and the human connections that make every working day a unique and extraordinary experience. This experience highlighted the magic that can arise when creativity meets natural beauty and genuine hospitality.

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