There is a place in Bari where fashion is at home, where every garment tells a story, where every customer finds his own style. This place is called 10Decimi Uomo, and it is the clothing store that has been dressing men and women who love to dress well for 40 years.

It all began in 2005, when Nico de Palma, a young fashion enthusiast, decided to open his shop in via Putignani, in the heart of the city. His dream is to create a one-of-a-kind reality, a concept store that offers a vast and rigorous selection of quality garments, suitable for every season and occasion. Over time, his dream becomes reality, thanks to his vision, his passion and his staff, made up of highly qualified and professional people, who know how to advise, listen and make any customer feel at ease.


Today, 10Decimi Uomo is a point of reference for those who love and research brands of men's clothing, accessories and footwear, among the most iconic and prestigious, such as Fred Perry, Polo Ralph Lauren, Moschino, New Balance and many others. In its store, you can discover the latest collections, news and offers, and enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience, thanks to the personalized and high-level service it offers you.


10Decimi Uomo is not just a clothing store, it is a philosophy of life, which is based on quality, style and attention to the customer. If you also share this philosophy, visit their [website] and their shop, and let yourself be dressed with top marks.